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Home to Healthier
Screen Habits

It doesn’t just manage screen time. It manages to create more family time.

Hardware + software united. Screen time managed. Parent-child drama avoided.

We believe happiness lies in having balance with the screens in our lives. That’s why we created the first-ever product that combines an app parents use to manage screen time with a physical home that charges and stores our kids’ phones and tablets. Storing devices in The Den establishes a new mindset of unavailability and gives our devices a home of their own. The Den takes an “out of sight, out of mind” approach that teaches healthy digital habits, establishes boundaries, and creates a positive balance with technology.

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See how TechDen works and hear about TechDen; inspired by real parents. Real stories.

Hardware + software =
balanced device management

TechDen is dedicated to helping families achieve harmony with technology. Our unique charging and storage device, The Den, teams up with the TechDen App to foster healthy habits for parents and kids.

The Den

Out of sight = Out of mind. The Den is a place for charging, storing, and managing devices that safely tucks phones and tablets away when they’re not in use, keeping them out of sight and out of mind.

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Manage multiple devices at once


Securely charge and store two devices


Use with the TechDen app for complete device management

The App

A simple app pairs with The Den, creating household harmony. It doesn’t shut down devices; it provides timely reminders and notifications about the device time your family scheduled.

See how it helps


Create schedules to remotely lock and unlock each door


Set time limits for device usage


Receive notifications about device removal and time usage

See TechDen through the eyes of the entire family, even the dog!

Out of sight.
Out of mind.

Just one more game. Just one more text.
Sometimes, just seeing technology can be a temptation to use it. Storing devices in The Den establishes a new mindset of unavailability, which eliminates distractions by “one more thing” and gives our devices a home of their own.

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Read the real-life inspiration for TechDen, created by a caring (but frustrated) father.

Healthy habits.
Healthy relationships.

We created TechDen to encourage healthier screen habits based on the kind of predictable routine kids respond to. It let’s families collaborate to set schedules and rewards, building trust and teaching kids to balance their tech time.

Most of all, it creates more opportunities for the best interactions—the ones that happen face-to-face.

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Fatherly calls TechDen a “godsend”.

“I’d been relying on ad hoc solutions until I was introduced to the TechDen….It’s been so successful that, after a month, tablet use in my home has dropped significantly and complaints about devices being charged have ceased completely.”

“Received my techden a few days ago and so far so good. App is very easy to use and set up. Techden itself is solid and well built and the functionality is great. It has already changed the way my kids use their devices and actually has them asking for reduced hours of use. No more arguments when it’s time to finish. They actually put the device back themselves without complaint. You have definitely achieved what you set out to and if this continues it will be a life changer in our household. Thank you.”

-Frank Brenner, Edgeworth, NSW Australia

“Before TechDen, my son averaged 3 hours of screen time a day. After we set up The Den, we’ve been able to cut screen time to slightly over an hour [a day] with very few challenges. It’s been a great addition to our daily routine.”

– Ryan V.

[That’s OVER 10 hours a week playing with friends and spending time with family that would have otherwise been spent on a screen!]

Get Perspective

“Both my Son and I love the TechDen. It was an easy and effective way to control his screen time. My son knew when the light was red it wasn’t a time he could use his device. Plus, I love the charging aspect of it. When he took his device out of The Den, I didn’t have to worry about it not being charged.”

– Mike, dad of two, Chicago, Illinois

“Kids in this generation need more active time, that’s where TechDen comes in. It gives parents more control as to how long their kids are on their devices. Love TechDen!”

– Crystal, mom of three, Tampa, Florida

“[With TechDen] kids become responsible, and won’t be upset with [their] parents for taking their devices, [plus] less arguments at home!”

– Manjari, dad of two, Issaquah, WA

“[My kids] seem to not even want to use the tablets since they are out of sight locked away!”

– Matt, dad of two, Lansing, MI

“My son thought it was super cool that he had a vault for his phone each night, he looks forward to using it as much as I look forward to him getting a good night of sleep!”

— Chris, dad of two, Williamsport, Wisconsin

“I would recommend this for parents that have a hard time setting boundaries. Having something tangible a physical there helps with setting those boundaries. We’re pretty good with setting boundaries, but having something solid there really helps with keeping us all aware of our device usage. Putting our devices away for the night is liberating.”

– Pearl, mom of three, Romeoville, IL

“TechDen is the exact thing needed to place responsible and rewarding electronic device use in the hands of the parent and the child. Thanks to TechDen, it allowed my daughter and I time to focus on things that matter most…being a family.”

—Jeremy, dad of two, Lubbock, Texas

“TechDen is amazing! My 7 year old son loves coding. We want to foster this and his interest in technology. TechDen gave my son the independence to manage his tech time. And best yet empower him. It helped create and encourage balance with his screen time. Plus it’s nice not always having to be “the bad guy.” With TechDen he knows when he can use his device, and for how long. The notifications and rewards help so that he returns his device to The Den on-time.”

— Ashlie, mom of two, Chicago, Illinois

Welcome TechDen into your home!

TechDen—Home to Healthier Screen Habits

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