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An app + The Den

A complete solution for managing screen time that also charges and securely stores devices.

Less screen time. More family time.

Encourage positive
emotional health.

TechDen helps increase kids’ emotional well-being by reducing screen time and creating more family time.

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Out of sight. Out of mind.

Storing devices in The Den establishes a new mindset of unavailability, which eliminates distractions by “one more thing” and gives your devices a home of their own.

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Be a hero.
Prevent cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying peaks at nighttime, when kids should be asleep. Devices are locked and charging at night so you can rest assured.

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The Den™ + The App

Manage multiple devices at once


Securely charge and store two devices


Use with the TechDen app for complete device management


Create schedules to remotely lock and unlock each door


Set time limits for device usage


Receive notifications about device removal and time usage

Avoid scream time
over screen time.

Predictable schedules, timely notifications, and a reward system that works. Managing screen time is better when your whole family agrees on the solution!

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No loose cables.
No lost cables.

Your devices are charged when you want them, and tucked out of sight when you don’t.

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Fatherly calls TechDen a “godsend”.

“I’d been relying on ad hoc solutions until I was introduced to the TechDen….It’s been so successful that, after a month, tablet use in my home has dropped significantly and complaints about devices being charged have ceased completely.”

TechDen: Best of CES 2019 Showstoppers by Apple Insider

The FAB Mom calls TechDen “Genius”!

“A summer must-have for teaching healthy screen habits and managing screen time!”

Kids Activity Blog coins TechDen the secret to a screen free summer!

Mom Does Reviews: “A key to life is balance, and TechDen helps foster that.”

TechDen Named Computer Times Editors’ Choice

“[with TechDen] kids can gain a sense of responsibility and inclusion, that will make them feel good about putting down their devices instead of combative.”

A Mom’s Take says huge need for TechDen

“With TechDen, families can start to get back to a place where screen time can be a healthy part of their overall day.”

Mom Blog Society calls TechDen “Genius”!

“[TechDen] is a genius idea. It gives you the out of sight, out of mind philosophy. Kids are less likely to be upset and want something they cannot see. It also charges while it is in there, so it is ready for use when they are allowed to have it.”

Healthy habits.
Healthy relationships.

Your kids learn healthier screen habits based on predictable routines. Your family builds trust and works together to set goals and earn rewards.

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It’s all about balance.

TechDen helps you and your kids create balance between the wonders of technology and the joys of real-life experiences.

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