8 Reasons Why Parents Should Give Thanks for Digital Technology

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As you sit down at the Thanksgiving table this year, take a moment to consider how different parenting is today than it was when your parents were raising you.

There are certainly challenges you face as a mom or dad that your parents never dealt with, however, there are also things that make modern parenting more efficient, and … dare we say … a little easier. Those often maligned digital devices are the perfect example.

While it’s true that managing screen time in your family can be a significant issue, have you ever stopped to give thanks for the ways digital devices enrich your life? We’re not saying you should be grateful that Fortnite keeps your kids occupied while you wait at a restaurant, or that you can text the awkward discussion about “the birds and the bees” rather than having a face-to face-conversation.

What we’re saying is, there are plenty of ways digital devices impact family life in positive ways. In the spirit of the season, here are eight reasons why parents should give thanks for digital technology:

1. Because Devices Help You Connect with Loved Ones

It’s never been easier to stay connected to friends and family around the world than it is now! Grandparents can chat face to face with their grandchildren through real-time video apps such as Skype and FaceTime. Parents can post photos of first steps, milestones, and mishaps to Facebook or Instagram within seconds. With video messaging apps like Marco Polo you never have to wait until you are with a friend to share a thought.

2. Because Online Shopping Makes Schedules Less Hectic

mother and daughter online shopping

Parents are busy. Whether you’re chasing toddlers around the house or balancing the home/work life, online shopping can give you back precious time. It’s easy to take two-day shipping for granted, but it wasn’t long ago that it took weeks for any online order to show up on your doorstep.

Today, parents are taking advantage of beneficial subscription services that automate the ordering process. Whether it’s a regular delivery of diapers for parents with babies and toddlers, groceries delivered through services like InstaCart and AmazonFresh, or meal kit subscriptions such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, these services cut down on routine trips to the store. That gives you more time to focus on what’s important.

There are also subscription boxes that help you find a new wardrobe for yourself (Stich Fix) and for the little fashionistas in your home (KidPik). You can even find subscriptions that deliver educational play experiences every month. Check out Kiwi Co. and Little Passports.

3. Because Kids are Always Asking Questions

Where does the sun go at night? How many hairs are on my head? What happened to the dinosaurs? Why do I have to eat my broccoli? Kids are full of wonder as they try to figure out the world.

When your son or daughter stumps you, and “… because I said so” isn’t going to cut it, you can be grateful for Google. With a few clicks of a keyboard, you have a world of knowledge at your fingertips. That’s a valuable tool when you have little ones asking “Why?” over and over again.

Making things even more convenient, moms and dads can simply say “Hey Google,” and ask Alexa or Siri about everything from tomorrow’s weather to homework help.

4. Because You Have Access to Networks of Advice (and Sympathy)

Sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on, and other times you want to share a funny story. Thankfully, finding an online community that connects you with like-minded parents is almost as easy as a Google search. Whether you’re a homeschooling household, an all-natural family, or a busy soccer mom, you’ll find similar people through social media groups and online forums.

New parents can glean helpful tips from veterans covering everything from potty training to communicating with pre-teens. Communities like City Moms Blog Network even connect moms locally in cities around the U.S.

5. Because You Can Always Capture a Precious Memory


Recent history boasts the invention of cameras on cell phones. Parents no longer have the hassle of loading finicky film into bulky cameras or hauling cumbersome camcorders to special events. The beauty of an ordinary day is now reason enough to capture memories digitally. Just don’t forget to put the phone down and be present in that moment!

Storing priceless family memories is also easier than ever to arrange. Instead of drawer space, there is cloud space. Instead of photo albums, we have digital albums – all accessible through your conveniently connected personal devices.

6. Because Devices Help You Discover Family Fun

Looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday? Check out what’s happening around town instantly with your smartphone. Need to update your living space? Get current style inspiration from sites like Pinterest or Houzz. Have last minute dinner guests? Download an app like SuperCook, plug in your on-hand pantry items, and watch the recipe generator churn out a meal fit for guests.

Even local parks are delivering family fun with quality screen time. Read about the rise of smart playgrounds to learn more.

7. Because Technology Encourages Curiosity in Kids

With guidance and limits, the internet opens up a world of wonder to the endless curiosity of a child. Teachers and parents alike have observed the benefit of learning through play, giving rise to interactive educational sites, like Zearn and Sushi Monster, geared towards math learning. Older children can practice coding and develop spatial engineering skills through games like Roblox and Minecraft, while the youngest computer learner can interact with apps like Montessori 1st Operations.

Find out more about how digital devices encourage creativity when a child’s focus is directed toward productive ways to use screen time.

8. Because there are Tools to Help Parents Achieve Balance

By developing healthy habits and thoughtful routines, you can find balance between your tech use and meaningful face-to-face family time.

TechDen is a company dedicated to helping families achieve this very balance. We’ve developed a set of tools that combine hardware in the form of as storage unit, with a device time app that helps family members customize individual usage plans that work best for each person.

The Den is a smart mobile device storage container that charges and securely stores two devices while not in use. With The Den, you can remotely lock and unlock each door in collaboration with the user, fostering healthy routines around device usage and screen time limits.

The TechDen App and TechDen App Jr round out the TechDen experience with their streamlined and intuitive functions. The screen time app allows parents to receive notifications about time usage and device removal, manage device time for multiple family members, and set schedules for each day of the week. With the App Jr, your child can set and check goals, request device time, and receive notifications when it is time to store the device. Working together, these apps promote clear communication between parent and child about device limits and usage.

With TechDen you have peace of mind knowing your family is receiving all the benefits technology offers, while maintaining healthy screen time habits that everyone will approve.

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