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Create more family time. See TechDen through the eyes of each family member—even the dog!

We’re living in the era of mobile devices, and it’s easy for kids to get sucked into overuse or bad habits. We created a solution that helps to create more family time, encourages a healthier screen time balance and fosters a more collaborative family life.



“TechDen has definitely created balance around here, which is what we needed.”

“The devices really are educational and great for trips, but there was always a fight putting them away. And, the kids would sneak them out at night, too. Now, because we created a schedule together, we’ve built more trust. And, I’m not getting blamed anymore!

It’s great having more family time again. I was missing that connection. Our family just feels balanced now.

The Den hides the wires that were hanging from every outlet, which drove me crazy. I like how it fits two devices: Avery has her slot, and Owen has his. Once the kids put them in there, they forget about them. Well … just about.”


“No more begging for screen time, and less family conflict!”

“It seemed like the only thing we fought about were the devices. The kids always asked for more time. And, I was inconsistent with giving permission, which didn’t help.

If it wasn’t them, I was arguing with their mom about how much time was right. It was chaos, just about every day. I was ready to throw the things out the window!

With TechDen, we decide with the kids on schedules: the start and end times. There’s less clutter and cords, and far fewer fights. Hey, our kids are awesome. Just not when they’re zombies, zoning out on their iPads or begging for more time.”


“I learned I was on a lot longer than I thought.”

“Being reminded of my time left is way better than it just turning off. Especially in the middle of a level. Me and Owen know how long we can be on. But, he sometimes goes longer than he should. I don’t, so more rewards for me!

I like my iPad time, but I don’t get all obsessed like my friends. They think a certain game is the best thing in the world. And, it isn’t.

I actually like playing games and stuff with my family. It’s pretty fun when we hang out, and I’m not on my iPad all night.”


“This wasn’t my idea!”

“At first, I called it ‘iPad jail’ because it gets locked in there! I’m used to it now. It’s just how we always do it. If I return it on time, I get rewards.

Last weekend, mom and I made pumpkin tacos with green sauce. I made the sauce in the blender. It was actually good!

We do more outside stuff, too. Swinging, digging, and catch. I built an obstacle course for Rocket, but he’s not sure about it yet.”


“Bark bark bark, bark.”
(translated from Pekingese: “If it means more belly rubs for me, it’s good.”)

“I just wanna play. But instead, it was ‘Rocket, don’t touch. Rocket, get off. Rocket, no!’ My paws can’t use those screens, so I would just lie there. Boooooring!

Now, they put the screen inside that box thing, and we go outside for fun. The park is the best! I’m not sure about Owen’s crazy course, though.”

Read how a father’s real-world challenges inspired a unique solution to the challenge of balancing screen time.

Introduce TechDen to your family.

Say “so long” to device time disputes. The sooner you get The Den and The App, the sooner family life gets better.

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