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7 out of 10 kids sleep with a device in their bedroom. And over 1/3 kids wake up to check their phone. Kids sleep better at night and feel more rested in the morning when devices aren’t in the bedroom.

A new study shows kids are sleeping with devices in their bedroom and it’s significantly impacting their sleep. Research provides kids need sleep to promote growth, prevent obesity, fight germs and even injury. 91% of kids that had two or more injuries in a 12-month period had 9 hours of sleep or less. Symptoms of sleep-deprivation and ADHD mirror each other almost exactly. For school-age kids, research has shown that adding as little as 27 minutes of extra sleep per night makes it easier for them to manage their moods and impulses so they can focus on schoolwork. What if you could help your kids sleep better at night?

TechDen helps do just that. It’s an app + a smart charging station that manages screen time that also securely stores and charges devices. With TechDen you set and establish screen time limits. When it’s not a time to use your device it simply goes in The Den, where it’s stored, charging and most importantly: locked and inaccessible.

So kids don’t have access to their devices at nighttime when it should be bedtime and not screen time. The result? Better sleep. And healthier kids -mind and body.

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Less screen time. More family time.