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Our Story

A father’s frustration inspires more family bonding.

Device dependency is real, and it hits families hard. One father had experienced enough unhealthy (and unnecessary) conflict in his home. So, he decided to create a unique way to bring balance to relationships with the screens in our lives. His solution, The Den, increases communication and collaboration, creating a stronger bond between all family members.

James, father of two, shares his inspiration and journey in developing TechDen.

As a dad, I became aware of how devices were taking over our family life. It was driving me insane, and I knew I wasn’t the only one.

Once I recognized the issue, I thought I could address the epidemic in a way that wasn’t available out there. I know no magic pill will alleviate our responsibilities as parents, but how about a tool to address the overwhelming feeling of not knowing how to solve this?

So, for me TechDen resonates on a personal level. This product needed to be developed!

Other device management apps aren’t solving the entire problem.

They forget the crucial part of ‘out of sight and out of mind.’ Our physical home, The Den, puts devices away and allows everyone to reconnect as a family.

For instance, my 4-year-old jumped on the couch to cuddle. Then, she saw her iPad sitting on the coffee table. Of course, she requested to use it, and when I refused, she threw a tantrum. That conflict only started because she saw the device, and I said ‘no.’ If she hadn’t seen it, no conflict.

With TechDen, kids are involved in the conversation.

Children need, and want, proper boundaries. When kids are involved with TechDen’s scheduling, they have emotional buy-in. So, they’re invested and naturally develop healthy habits. Clear usage boundaries become the norm. And, of course, there’s a reward system that motivates kids, too.

Other apps take a top-down, authoritative approach with negative restrictions, but TechDen develops collaboration. As parents, we’re taking kids along with us in our life journey. Without the right guidance, they’re losing a piece of the human development process. A key to life is balance, and TechDen helps foster that.

As an entrepreneur, I saw the opportunity to develop a tool for the physical management of devices.

I’ve worked on groundbreaking technology solutions; existing intellectual property that manages hundreds of thousands of devices in schools, making teachers’ lives easier in the classroom.

As a dad, I used my background in device management to also limit the arguments I have with my kids about when they should or shouldn’t be on their devices. TechDen was a direct result of preparation meeting opportunity.

The future looks a little brighter for families.

I want TechDen to holistically empower parents to create an environment where healthy habits are developed around responsible technology use.

Moving forward, we’re looking at additional solutions to help create more responsible digital citizens. We want to delight parents and kids with positive, life-changing experiences.

Welcome TechDen into your home!

Device time disputes are no fun. Get your own TechDen device and app.

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