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Screen time is making kids moody, more irritable, and lazy.

Research shows screen time is impacting kids’ emotional and physical health, making kids moody, more irritable, and lazy. Children’s brains are much more sensitive to electronic use than most of us realize. Without managing screen time, it can disrupt moods, sleep, ability to focus and stay motivated; induces stress and impacts the amount of time our kids spend outdoors. Screen time has a direct impact on your kids’ emotional health and well-being. Plus, research shows how important it is for kids to play outside. Kids who play outside regularly are more curious, self-directed and likely to stay with a task longer. And best yet, their happier! What if you could help your kids by effectively managing screen time?

TechDen helps do just that. It’s an app + a smart charging station that manages screen time that also securely stores and charges devices. With TechDen you set and establish screen time limits. When it’s not a time to use your device it simply goes in The Den, where it’s stored, charging and most importantly: locked and inaccessible.

When devices are in The Den kids don’t even think about wanting to use it. Instead they find themselves spending more time with family, experiencing more face-to-face interactions, outdoor play and physical activity.

TechDen’s unique approach is effective for encouraging positive emotional health and well-being by reducing screen time. Kids play outside when devices inside (The Den)! Additionally, TechDen teaches healthy tech habits by establishing a predictable routine that works with a reward system to reinforce positive behavior. Just like we teach our kids healthy eating habits it’s more important than ever before to teach healthy tech habits too. The app helps hold us to the screen time rules we set as parents. Keeping devices in The Den helps keep devices out of sight and out of mind.

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Less screen time. More family time.