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Over 40% of kids have been bullied online at least once if not more.

Research shows over 40% of kids have been bullied online and 1 in 4 had it happen more than once. And 68% of kids say it’s a serious problem. Kids that don’t have a device in their bedroom at night are at significantly lower risk to experience cyber bullying, which is at its’ peak at nighttime. What if you could remove or significantly reduce your child’s risk of being cyber bullied?

TechDen helps do just that. It’s an app + a smart charging station that manages screen time that also securely stores and charges devices. With TechDen you set and establish screen time limits. When it’s not a time to use your device it simply goes in The Den, where it’s stored, charging and most importantly: locked and inaccessible.

So kids don’t have access to their devices at nighttime when it should be bedtime and not screen time. The result? Keeping kids off devices when cyber bullying is at it’s peak. Stop cyber bullying by keeping devices in The Den at nighttime.

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Less screen time. More family time.