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Smart + simple. The Den + The App.

Parent-child drama avoided.

Welcome to a mindful, balanced approach to managing screen time. A parental control app meets The Den. Our charging and storing device, The Den, is integrated with a simple app to create an easier, more collaborative family life.

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Pair The Den with the App to bring more harmony to your household.

We love solid relationships; between two pieces of technology and also between family members. TechDen inspires real discussions with your child. Together, you create a schedule that teaches and empowers kids to control their relationship with tech, which also creates more face-to-face family time.

The Den

Elegant and intelligent. The Den charges and stores up to two iOS or Android devices. It establishes a new mindset of unavailability and gives our devices a home of their own. 

Smart charging station recognizes each kid’s device in either slot

The Den’s individual doors remotely lock and unlock

Visibility to notify you which devices are charging and which are in use

The App

Easy to set up and use. The app provides notifications and helps you set limits for multiple devices.

Works in conjunction with The Den to help parents and kids manage screen time

Allows parents to schedule sessions, screen time, and establish goals for kids

Lets kids see schedules, receive notifications, request time, and see progress toward goals.

Manage multiple devices at once


Securely charge and store two devices


Use with the TechDen app for complete device management


Create schedules to remotely lock and unlock each door


Set time limits for device usage


Receive notifications about device removal and time usage

Kids embrace predictable routines. Parents appreciate new, healthy habits.

A unique solution to a common challenge.

See TechDen through the eyes of the entire family, even the dog!

Technology is a wonderful part of our kids’ development. It helps educate, entertain, and foster their talents. The trick is finding a healthy balance with the screens in our lives. TechDen encourages conversation and cooperation between parents and kids. Best of all, it builds trust—a unique feature you won’t get from any other app or screen time management tool.

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Ready for less clutter and more family time?

We understand: device time disputes are no fun for anyone. The sooner you get TechDen in your home, the sooner family life gets better.

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