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Designed to
change behavior.

Ready for more family time?

TechDen helps increase kids’ emotional well-being by reducing screen time and creating more family time.

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Out of sight, out of mind.

Sometimes, just seeing technology can be a temptation to use it. When your child stores a device inside The Den™, it no longer serves as a visual cue that can trigger the desire to use it.

Your child plays an active role.

Other app-only solutions employ passive-aggressive methods to restrict screen time. TechDen encourages buy-in with a collaborative approach that involves kids in many parts of the process.

Research shows the impact a device has—even just in sight.

Set realistic, flexible session times.

Notifications on their devices count down how much time kids have to return their device to The Den. Studies show kids respond better to predictable notifications than sudden requests.

Reward system creates incentive.

Families work together to set goals and rewards for on-time returns. Kids can track their progress, which provides positive reinforcement when they independently balance their relationship with devices.

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