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Designed to change behavior.

Ready for more family time?

In this age of mobile devices, it’s easy for kids to get sucked into overuse and develop bad technology habits. If you’re ready to do away with the drama surrounding managing screen time, TechDen is the solution. Soon your home will be filled with less screen time and more family time.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Sometimes, just seeing technology can be a temptation to use it. When a child’s device is stored inside The Den™, it no longer serves as a visual cue that can trigger the desire to use it. The device remains tucked away and locked until the next pre-determined session time begins.

Your child plays an active role.

TechDen uses a collaborative, teaching approach that’s not authoritarian. It involves kids in many parts of the process, including scheduling, setting up rewards and physically storing their device. When kids feel a part of the device management process, they’re more likely to buy in.

Research shows the impact a device has—even just in sight.

Set realistic, flexible session times.

TechDen is designed to help families create balanced screen time that works for everyone. Based on your kid’s schedule, you can set up sessions, which are windows of time during which they can use their device. Within each session, parents can set a maximum allowable screen time. TechDen works on a system that requires the device to be returned back to The Den. This lets kids establish a predictable routine. And, routines that are easy to follow can eventually become habits.

Receive countdown notifications.

Kids get regular notifications on their device counting down how much time they have left before it’s time to return their device to The Den. Studies show kids respond better to predictable notifications rather than the sudden “two-minute warning” parents give at arbitrary times, which often catch kids off guard.

Reward system creates incentive.

Together, parents and children set goals and rewards for on-time returns. Children can track their own progress, which provides positive reinforcement for managing screen time and promoting a balanced relationship with their devices.

Now that you know why TechDen works, find out how it fits in your family.

How It Works

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